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The Hottest Carolina Hockey podcast Featuring Omar Abdelgawad, Amanda Wilkes, and Zac Hynus! Tune in to listen to us talk all things hockey!

Dec 24, 2019


H. Wade Minter drops by to talk about how he balances announcing, playing, and watching hockey. The Canes, Marksmen, T-Birds, and Checkers keep trucking through the end of 2019, and a friend of the pod is now on the Hurricanes payroll.

Nov 24, 2019

We return to give you a lot of updates on hockey in the state of North Carolina. Canes keep rolling, Charlotte rebuilding, Marksmen are Bunch of Jerksing, some #CawlidgeHawkey thrown in, and so much more for a full thanksgiving feast.

Oct 18, 2019

Hockey season is in full swing!! North Carolina teams head back to the ice for another season and are doing extremely well. Lots of news, rants, and laughs while we talk hockey.

Sep 18, 2019

SEASON 3!!!!!!!! We look into Canes preseason and offseason activity, look around at changes for multiple hockey teams in North Carolina, and kick off a new hockey season with a BANG!!

Jun 30, 2019

Its time for the season 2 finale. Lots to talk about from the 2019 NHL Draft, prospect camp,  trades, buyouts, free agency upcoming, and more. Let's jump right into the prospect storm.